surface spring break checklist

  1. StoryLINE proposal review and feedback with MM partner + one other WASHer; document in VJ and expound/address each of the following areas.

    materials [what? why? describe. is it too literal? is it cliche? how will line be created/emphasized? is there a better choice?]

    binding agent and or system [what? how? why? will it be visible, functional? will it enhance or detract from concept?]

    scale [why? does this support mood, movement, metaphor? how so?]

    facility needs [why?]

    describe how it incorporates line, rhythm, mood, movement and metaphor.

    explain how it emphasize line and rhythm, mood and movement. be thorough.

    is there too much color? is it cliche?

    is it too literal?

    are there distracting components?

  2. Collect all materials needed (plus extra)
  3. Test binding agents/systems
  4. Begin making…you should be 40% complete by end of spring break
  5. Post small photographic images of identity essentials in VJ
  6. Post small photographic images of your two human comp collab 
  7. Prep DVD or CD rom with [p5] identity essentials (1 folder with submitted images; 1 folder with unused images) AND [p4] human comp collab (need one set from team; 1 folder with submitted images; 1 folder with extra images). DUE 3/19-20. If you previously submitted but did not have images organized, REsubmit!
  8. Complete all crit write ups and review VJ checklist #3 (due 3/19-20)

ps. imagine collaboration group one (phase 4-6) proposal and facility use needs due 3/21-22.