tomorrow and the next I expect

will be days of shallow surfaces
lacking the expected movement of living breath
that resides within real space
with flattened out identities
pressed stiff and planar
mostly desaturated in muteness
leaning toward the binary
of blackness and whiteness

forward to these days
were the static dot and square
will quicken
have i looked and waited


poetic translation…
some of my favorite creative assignments
for my WASHer foundation students come due tomorrow;
i expect to be wowed… 

and hope to post a plethora
of their imaginings realized

[identity essentials + human comp collabs] identity essentials seemed a natural response to a lecture i give on feminism in art (largely focused on essentialism) and grew out of my imaginings of how the feminist artists used their bodies to communicate the deeply personal. the human comp collabs were just one of those things that “came to me” as a desire to extend traditional gestalt dot comp exercises into human space. like much art, science, etc, the idea of these projects just “came to me.” i had experience, an understanding of the domain, but the extension into the territory of these projects just happened. yes i’ve been refining them, unpacking their purposes in pedagogical terms and stuffing them into logic based formats, and such, but for the most part the heart of these projects remain almost solely intact to my original ideations. teaching and art overlap absolutely in the creative process.


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