artist research paper guidelines handout

Research Paper {guidelines + overview}

Write a thoughtful 3-5 page typed research paper {using the MLA format} demonstrating your knowledge and insight on your specific contemporary artist. Beyond the 3-5 page requirement, you must include a bibliography{works cited} page as well as relevant images {color images are preferred} discussed within the body of your paper.

A folder has been created on BlackBoard under Course Documents {research paper resources} which has 15 links to assist in specifically understanding how to format a research paper using the MLA standard guidelines and formatting examples; works cited page format; general tips on writing; understanding plagiarism; as well as overall brainstorming. It is required that you adhere to the MLA guidelines when writing your paper.

The SHSU Writing Center {936.294.3680} is a wonderful resource, located in Farrington room 111. Open Mon-Thurs. 8am-7pm; Fridays 8am-3pm and Sundays 2pm-7pm. They are happy to assist you in organizing your paper, improving your writing style, identifying and correcting grammatical errors, and teach you valuable proofreading techniques. You do not need an appointment.

This is not a book report, or a paper in which you are being asked to simply just recall facts learned. You are required to provide insight {informed opinions} about your artist in regards to their artistic process, materials used, thematic concepts and formal choices.

General outline of your paper:

Introduction + research statements about artist
Brief biography of artist {consider identity}
Explore + analyze formal themes in their work {you may choose to compare + contrast specific works}
Explore + analyze conceptual themes in their work
Explore + analyze material process and artistic practice
Artistic influences {what inspires this artist + artists are they informed by}
Research conclusion statements

Your paper will be evaluated by the following components:

Following research paper outline {above}
Professionalism {proofreading, MLA formatting, works cited page, necessary images printed}
Factual content
Personal insight {informed opinions}

This paper is worth 20% of your final grade in lecture.

This research paper is due at the start of class {9:30am} on Friday, April 27th. The submitted paper must be printed and stapled. Late work of any kind, even due to technical issues will result in a ZERO. You may choose to turn your paper into your professor prior to the due date.

{a few additional reminders}
Academic Dishonesty:
All students are expected to engage in all academic pursuits in a manner that is above reproach. Students are expected to maintain complete honesty and integrity in the academic experiences both in and out of the classroom. Any student found guilty of dishonesty in any phase of academic work will be subjected to disciplinary action. The University and its official representatives may initiate disciplinary proceedings against a student accused of any form of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, cheating on an examination or other academic work which is to be submitted, plagiarism, collusion and the abuse of resource materials.

The University defines plagiarism as “the appropriation of another’s work or idea and the unacknowledged incorporation of that work or idea into one’s own work offered for credit.” Plagiarism is considered a serious academic and legal offense in our culture. Penalties for plagiarism can range from a failing grade on the assignment to expulsion from the university. The course instructor can determine the penalties of failure for the assignment to failure of the course. The university disciplinary committee determines penalties of suspension or expulsion.