plumb that!

so tidy. rotated pipes so text and bar codes don’t show, pretty precision with minimal joints, kept purple solvent from running all over pipes, tidy, tidy, tidy. dang then I dropped purple staining solvent on top of my newly installed hot water heater. double dang. the previous home owner or paid plumber had about a thousand extra bends and joints (mild exaggeration perhaps) and purple solvent everywhere plus the the last section was fractured. yes, it’s true, I mostly rock. who would have expected a woman who sews tire tubes all gnarly like and never has clean fingernails might actually be a stickler for craft. well, for sure my students would tell you, as many have suffered the grade spank of poor craftsmanship. apparently, I now have them trained as evidenced by their critiquing as they point out all the distracting craft issues that detract from a work’s concept. I would definitely lose a grade or two on my purple drip drips and thumbing typos and weird auto corrects. oh double dang.

oops and the clickiedy clack of my broken new washer ends up being the clickiedy clack of a screw stuck in drum drain hole spinning about = not broken just gooberfied.