what's wrong with this picture

so much for either of us having any proper training in table etiquette. no fault of the parental units. I am actually training Dopt to not bug me while I eat. note, banana as well as drizzles of honey and peanut butter are still on plate. I never give her my food (except carrots but she thinks they are dog bones and their is no association to my meal time). hmmm. I had finished eating so I didn’t even notice when she ascended the table top. am also teaching her (ha) not to jump on people and such. oh yes, though i dont have any compulsion to be the alpha dog in human populations. between she and I, I need her to know, I am the alpha dog (parental equivalent). she is smart but has a huge stubborn streak. if she doesn’t want to go somewhere, she will literally do a full body flop to the ground, even throwing her head down. she’s actually held that pose up to five minutes. dang. it reminds my of a little kid having a tantrum on floor in a store. I finally broke down and bought the choke collar. fortunately she understands its language and doesn’t resist it. so no heavy breathing or wheezing for her. hmmmm. ok. well mostly she’s smart. she just repositioned herself and her whole back in plummeted to the ground yanking the rest of her with it. no wounds, just one startled pup. oops.