2012 day 17 | honestly I can’t think if any moment more sweet

than when I've worked myself to utter exhaustion under the trees canopies–hard work, shirt clinging with sweat, not a clean spot on me, even profusely bug bitten, I've known no greater moments of joy. there are things that come damn close–the laugh of a god daughter, the ruffle of hair an affectionate delight, an arrugula salad with a steak medium rare, the eye crinkling twinkle on my dad, and that moment were you've taught yourself out of a job because the student catches fire. why working hard, being drenched in sweat and gunk suspended just above the forest floor precariously does this for me, is something I really can't decipher (I've tried). I just know it brings me moments of pure joy. now to figure out how to give myself over to it in a way I can physically and fiscally sustain. alright, get back to the grunge you say you love kathy.