2012 day 11 | Above all, be the heroine of your life!

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim. — Nora Ephron (1941-2012), author of when Harry met Sally

My faith and friend background would unhealthily tell me this is wrong, selfish and deletes god from the equation. a weird part of my eeyore disposition whole heartily agrees. yet my innards know this statement to be ringing soundly with a multiplicity of important truths, my history causes me to qualify and preface each phrase with various forms of contractual disclaiming fine print. so engrained that even here I have to force myself not to thumb out the qualifiers. instead I am learning to snip, snip, these tethers that bind me in the mental musings of contractual obligation and bar me from being a candidate for the leading role of heroine of my own life. even as I type, more qualifiers emerge, "in a healthy way," "in a non self serving mode," and on and on (see I've thumbed some of my fine print!!! aaaagh) . I've spent my life so entrenched in these qualifiers that I haven't lived the truth of the call of this statement. so today I continue my quest to undig and untether myself from worm wretchedness theology and to become the heroine of my life.

I munch my bagel, toasted well, revisit my hardware list and prepare for a hot day of making! mmm. to be the heroine of my own life. yes, I like the ring, even with its responsibility, and the joy inherent in this adventure. now if I can just maintain that in my thoughts* long enough to live it.