laughing outloud

ha! the colts finally have returned to the fence’s edge to nuzzle at the Dopt. one of the mamas moved a certain way giving my Dopt a start. she turned to take flight and smacked right into a pole. I made sure she was’t hurt, only then did I laugh…outloud. she wasn’t overly bothered at the pole, just grinning at me as I laughed, so we eased back up for some more colt nuzzling. they find my Dopt an odd curiosity. ha. then 20 feet behind me, across the crunched gravel lane, a big old tree gave way as gravity had her way with the desiccated elder deciduous beast. needless to say the herd stampeded without the Dopt’s help.

hope they will return another eve for nuzzling my Dopt dog novelty.