WEEKend 6 to-do checklist


update VJ–due Oct 8-9

content for check up #2 surface visual journal

  1. dot or square comp–selected for [p3] mapscapes
  2. sketches--12 polished topographic + magnetic sketch studies
  3. research evidence–additional research for mapscapes. see WEEKend #4 checklist
  4. brainstorming lists[p4] human comp collab
  5. calendar/schedule[p4] human comp collab
  6. research–[p4] human comp collabs individual research (see blog posting week 5)
  7. crit notes–[p3] mapscapes (5 things you learned from others plus crit notes)
  8. crit write up–use mapscape crit guide
  9. gradesheets–dots, squared blitz, mapscapes
  10. photographs–[min] three photos of [p3] mapscapes; 1-both together; 1-topo only; 1 mag only; recommend some detail shots as well
  11. photographs–your two [p4] human comp collab 


  • complete human comp collab. crit 10/8-9 (install night prior).
  • complete independent line drawings Series One Drawings 

Tony Orrico

Remember to not hold your marking utensil based on writing habits. Explore
holding multiple tools at once (ie 5 pencils instead of one). If
too large create a cardboard sandwich to protect them. Bring all drawings to

Complete each on separate paper. Repeat until you find the results interesting AND pleasing. Recommend using good paper.

  1. Draw 100 parallel lines with your eyes closed. 
  2. Attack the page with a mark-making tool 
  3. Attack the page with an alternate mark-making tool 
  4. Draw 200 lines. 100 with each hand at the same time. 
  5. Crumple paper and smooth, then draw repetitive lines for 4-8 minutes. 
  6. Fold paper and smooth, then draw repetitive lines for 4 minutes. 
  7. Tape your page down, write your name 100 or more times with your eyes
  8. Tape your page down, write a thought over and over until the page is full (10
    minutes or more).


PENCILS (presharpened)…consider some with softer (dark) lead, INK, wide mouth container for ink, crazy non-art objects to dip in ink (bring 15 items minimum), lots of PAPEr (quality that will handle ink), tape to secure paper