Lecture Exam #2 Review

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Art Fundamentals

chapters 7 (emphasis on properties, aesthetic relationships, role of color and balance)–8 (space)

Themes in Contemporary Art

chapters 5–8 (place, language, science)

In the Making

chapters 4–6 (expressing an artistic attitude, choosing a mission, measuring success)

Text Images/Artists

You will not be asked to identify specific dates or titles. You should be able to recognize these artists in terms of medium and overarching themes of their work and any significant processes. Expect to see these artists both in the multiple choice/matching sections as well as potential artists for essay[s]. Use book index to focus reading and images for the following artists:

Themes in Contemporary Art | Ann Hamilton, Betsy Damon, Eduardo Kac (GFP Bunny {Alba}), Kara Walker, Lorna Simpson, Mel Chin (Revival Field, Safe House), Patricia Piccinini (Children Series), Rebecca Horn, Shirin Neshat

In the Making | Betsy Damon (The Living Water Garden of Chengdu, China), Shirin Neshat (Woman of Allah), Lorna Simpson (Call Waiting)

Art Fundamentals | Ann Hamilton, Rebecca Horn

PLUS Ernesto Nato and Leandro Erlich (google and class notes)

Identify + Define Artistic Themes/Ideas/Trends

tension, sampling, gaze, grand narrative, identity, body, time, place, installation, science [soft+hard], language, spirituality, neutrality [looking, making, language, memory, history]

trends (1) gender (2) identity sexuality (3) race/heritage (4) national politics/war/governing bodies (5) sense of otherness (6) sense of oppression/resistance (7) expression of pain (8) awareness (either creating for self or for the viewer) (9) documentation/historical connections (10) call for social change

Inside the Artist Studio [identify materials, themes, teaching area]   

Annie Strader, Becky Finley Martin Amorous, Pat Lawler

Student Presentation Notes [focus on artists listed from texts above]


see handout