From Bulgaria with love: Yup it is why it becomes problematic for me internally; but that it is seen feels good.

“Kathy, I have always liked your work. There is something about it that has its own existence…yesterday I thought about your work again. I wanted to see why I like it so much…There is art that works with the superficial, with the beauty, with putting together nicely the elements, this is easy to do. Your work is about the parts of human nature that are the ones that we do not want to expose to light. It is not even about monsters. It is about the parts that we believe that will make us “small”… And here you come; you take that “ugliness” and you smash it, you blend it, you display it and you feel comfortable walking through or under the pieces — this vulnerable, hidden part, that we do not dare to expose, you make them sublime! Love them!”

[installed in my micro forest for more aesthetically
pleasing store purpose than a heaping mound of rubber and rebar]

title: without your forgiveness I am forever bound to what happened
between us.

the barren plains of back turned could have beens [monsters in the attic] 0

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