am wishing for snow; just for a few moments. i would certainly be grateful.

making a new egg, since this one was tossed. well at least heave-hoed grunted into a vermont dumpster. kind of wish i’d found room for it and brought it home and polished it up. instead i am making a new egg. it will be different. i couldn’t make the same thing twice if i wanted to…just can’t.

it is pretty dang messy. i’ve spend more time cleaning than carving. it is what it is.

the goal is to get something like below but slicker, more refined. this image represents more a preliminary sketch. i’ve used a totally different method and it is much messier than the blue insulation foam i picked up in vermont. admittedly this was free. i’ve as yet to decide what the work means; perhaps i just don’t want to know — as it has been wowingly referred to umm its elephant like femininity. perhaps i could make up something profound, deep or meaningful. then again, it might be better just to come up with something really dumb. smart tends to smell fishy of trying to hard to be smart. kind of like how the harder one tries to be cool, the less cool they are… perhaps i ramble as a consequence of this heat; would me nice to get a light snow for a moment, this moment, here in houston.