memory is often far too big
not actual size and most certainly not to scale

stripped loveseat. who knew i could learn so much from its undoing. i did
extend back
new legs

wing back
ottoman. plus Home Depot rubbermaid lawnchair for full sized humans as a measure of scale.
oh yes. it is modular. the gallery has a standard sized door. the original loveseat flipped on its side just barely slides through. so, needless to say, the back and legs slide off. always, always know the size of the gallery door, elevator, stairwell, and turns before fabricating your work. :) i once watch a semi grown woman cry as i finished my deinstall. she arrived only to discover her work could not pass through the doors! dang.
helpful side kick.
rebar for me to fold to construct skeleton of new chair cushions upon which i will sew with tie wire my trashy materials.
pipe clamps become my metal bender
waa-laa. even chica muscles could apply a little physics one O one via simply lever
apply a little metal hot glue (lincoln wire feed welder).
ottoman cushion.
in process for exhibition opening may 17, 2014 in houston. details forthcoming.