that simply cannot be right! there is no match made in heaven that would every place me with PLATO. Dang it all.

OMG. I ran a language style matching comparison between my blog post titled without unruly regret and chapter 10 of PLATO’s Republic. I intended to use the results as a silly set up for a philosophy paper I am preparing to write in which my argument will be — THERE IS NOT A CHANCE IN HELL I WOULD MARRY PLATO. Clearly I will throw out the obvious of temporal and geographical displacement, language, social class issues etc. It is really just a fun vehicle in which I can argue against a few points of his thinking that ring hollow (irk me) but with a humorous twist and academic compliance dragging it out to ten pages of supported and cited argumentation (sigh)…hmmm, perhaps like a marriage.

Anyhow, I used a psych/linguist software that analysizes writing styles in terms of relational compatibility. This was meant to be some of my outside humorous data to support my argument (the paper). I will still use it, but I had not assumed compatibility. As a matter of fact I was sure that the nature of our writing and thinking was in absolute opposition. He does irk the heck out of me. THE DAMN PROGRAM says we are mirroring one another at the high rate of 87% (90% is off the charts high — maxed out). DANG. I guess I’ll have to change my argument as to why Plato and I should marry after i channel him back from the dead.

In Synch: Language Style MatchingAre you and your Special Friend on the same page? Are you clicking? In synch? Seeing eye to eye? Communicating effectively?

Your LSM ResultsThe LSM score gives us a sense of how similarly two people are using language. It can indicate how synchronized their use of words is.

Your LSM score is 0.87Compared to other general writing samples that we have analyzed, your LSM score is far above average. To give you an idea, most LSM scores for general writing samples range between .60 and .90, with the average being around .78. The more the authors of the two samples are thinking in similar ways, the higher the LSM….


Upon further reading I discovered that I can salvage my argument by one of the primary researchers in this field, Dr. Molly Ireland. ‘”We think of similarity and synchrony as good for relationships,” Ireland says. And usually they are. “But of course matching another person’s mental state won’t bring two people closer together if both are thinking about how they can destroy each other.”’– Ha. Perfect. She will definitely be cited in my argument.

Ha. The more I read the more clear it is that i miss read the intent of the mechanism…basically it shows engagement, like thinking. It is independent of liking or disliking…The research indicates that in a conflict the more the two people match language styles the more likely they are to arrive at an impasse. That is PERFECT to support my argument. AMEn…At some level however I am still misconstruing her research and need to do more homework (why? besides my silly Plato paper, this totally relates to my research agenda for my PhD)! Bam.

TEST YOU AND YOUR PARTNER, a friend or your frenemy. Enjoy.


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