Bonaventure :: In Light of the Sixth Sense

What if the addition of balance into Bonaventure’s schemes collapses the active field or substrate of the material world, knowledge and reason — landscape, bodyscape, mindscape — into a single material based substrate and this is the intellect? The intellect as reflected light (of the creator –supreme light) that encompasses Bonaventure’s superior light, interior light, exterior light, and inferior light. What if balance and touch inform interpretatively all the other senses so that they are in fact the common senses?
Looking for relational connections when the sense of balance 
is added to the structure of sensory perception
Reframing Bonaventure notions knowledge based as a reflection of toying with the sensory schema created through the addition of balance into my limited/cursory readings of Bonaventure.

Hmmm. Bonaventure in light of the sixth sense!?? Reflected light vs inferior light because all principles of temperance, justice, proportion, grace, mercy are prescribed/mapped/in existence as a result of sensory impression, sensation, reaction and then interpretively and metaphorically applicable to human interaction, “right action,” survival. Hmmm, if I am physically out of balance the whole system may collapse, be damaged or cease to exist; whereas, if I keep weight distributed proportionately, I remain upright, mobile and fully functioning = principles of justice.

Balance has two functions…most the key philosophical standards proportion, temperance, justice, truth, mercy, compassion are a direct translation of the physiological acts dependent on balance and touch and the consequences of remaining unharmed and at ease.

Perhaps touch and balance create interpretable data from sight sound smell and taste. Touch and balance are the COMMON SENSE. YES?

If you see something I should add, adjust verbiage, not quite right, do comment so I can tweak. PLEASE.

Then the question is how to convert this restructuring as scholarly mental experimentation vs an opinion paper…kind of like an editorial? CITATION. Damn. I hate that…but ok…so create specific citations for the parts that belong to bona venture, create specific citations for the scientific aspects of the sense of balance, acknowledge the cursory readings of Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Plotinuse, Ficini that may be manifesting in my notions since I will always work under the influence of all that i have perceived consciously and unconsciously…sigh.


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