I see dead people: Bonaventure in the light of the sixth sense

No silly, not ghosts or therapists. My next history of aesthetics will be trying to work the sense of balance, the sixth sense, into Bonaventure’s system which is categorically and metaphorically based on the five senses. In his system the overarching structure is divided into ways of knowing (genes the relationship to the senses. These overarching divisions are superior light, inferior light, interior light, exterior light and, now with my add, reflected light. 

One function of the sense of balance is an awareness of one’s body parts in relationship to one another…this is an early transferable to social function, body of Christ, etc. should be interesting. Have to flesh it out still but it seems a fun puzzle to work in to ways of knowing. I may even see if I can split the mechanical arts in terms of craft (art for bodily function-ease of body) and dramatic arts (art for pleasure-ease of mind). ?