it is the guttural. best critical review ever.

When an eight year old breaches the threshold of the room gasping inwardly at the very moment he takes in what what the space holds and even before his first blink, blurts, “i love this!” and then runs over and hugs the carcass-like hanging art work as he further exclaims, “what is it”, you know with deep satisfaction that as artist you’ve hit the mark. He then proceeds to run from object to object leaving a trail of wows and look look! Bam. Best critical review ever!





Actually perhaps that is my favorite part! The instant guttural and audible response when adult or child enters the room and as their eyes adjust to the light and they take in what they cannot understand, yup. Second to that is the breaking of art norms with the groping of my work. These are a few of my favorite things (when a dog bites….oh wait, that is Julie Andrews). But still this is the response i find most meaningful. Perhaps even more so than the digital facebook ego caress of the LIKE.


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