making bad art

The risk of not making daily is that each making spurt then places you back at your beginning. You must then rework through making bad art for a short duration before your body finds the rhythms in making again, before your body re-orients to the inherent behaviors of materials at hand.

Collaboration of mind, body and materiality requires of me a syncopation that only comes with regular practice.

I am reading agnes martin’s bio by princenthal and yearn to resubmerge in making. It is perhaps only in my most submerged moments that i feel grounded, insanely sane and mildly healthy. It is in those moments when i feel my masks fall away and i simple am. Ok. I get this same sense when playing with small children.

I am split between research and making … and cultivating necessary human tethering.

At least to help find balance for the spring I am building in an accountability to make despite the scholarly load = signed up for sculpture studio as one of my courses. I also have an installation and collaboratibe project that will come to a head in April — first encounter’s with one’s own femininity.


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