Doing artist is as doing gender: in the face of chaffing conventions and bending citations

Doing artist as doing gender


Can corollaries of performative constitution and maintenance of gender identity with that of doing artist shed light on the transgenre practices of seminal visual artists, artists who make as well as write? There is an observable trend that seminal visual artists have writing practices.By seminal visual artist.1 Is this language practice an important performative stylized act.2 And is this a necessary in order to deal with the unsettling (troubling) from ongoing bending of citations, domain/cultural conventions? Must the writing itself be performative and/or is it the mere act of writing as a subset of the larger identity constitution that is important? In other words is writing a repetitive stylized act involved in constitution or is it what is written that performs? Ha, note my western tendency to frame this as a binary versus a continuum or webbed system. Does the act of writing have a resilience function in sustaining a domain disruptive art practice? Is there a relationship between the writing practice and the capacity to resist particular hegemonies? Does the type of writing (genre) matter, does the content or language style matter?


Through an inquiry into the parallels of the performativity of doing artist with that of doing gender and Butlerian troubling, I hope to shed light on a potentially functional aspect of writing practices for seminal visual artists.


Performance Studies 3; Visual Art Practices 4

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  1. I am referring to those who partook/partake in bending citations, conventions, resulting in disruptions to paradigm(s) with the disruptions directing and dissipating into an altered normative practices. These artists art typically prolific in production, persistant in practice (lifelong) and known in the art world. used to help constitute, maintain and strengthen the visual arts practitioner’s identity as artist.
  2.  Judith Butler, “Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory,” Theatre Journal 40, no. 4 (1988): 519, doi:10.2307/3207893.
  3. gender studies; linguistics—speech act; psycholinguistics, social psychology—social identity
  4. fine art; psychology-creativity

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