slow bending of citations

is exaggerating, playing with, accelerating the slow bendings of particular citations the dominant function of artists from a social stand point. is that the key role artists fill?

if artists generally are less inhibited in terms of social conventions does this not simply equate to the bending of citations? so generally i don’t think i am applying a new idea to artists function and creativity, i am just reframe the language along the lines of butler’s gender thinking.

darn. it was a nice thought to think i might be on to something new (bending citations), alas i am sampling relabeling my citations. double darn.

but what i may be adding to the research perhaps is the notion of visual artists writing functioning to more fully situate, constitute how they are bending citations. in other words perhaps the writing practice functions to strengthen the already bending citations so that the bending can continue and the artist does not immediately flail back in to the more comfortable re-citations. maybe this can be my slight bending?



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