slowly bending citations — the language of female visual artists

i love judith butler’s turn of phrase “slowly bending citations” as it relates to the destabilization of normative practices from within.

If creativity, the capital C type of creativity, which can be defined as practices that result in paradigm shifts, in scientists and artist correlates with lower inhibition of drives to conforming to certain conventions, does this relate to Judith Butler’s notions of the capacity of “slowly bending citations.” As artists do we accelerate the bending of citations (and I am assuming citations refers to conventional practices that become in bedded in our daily practices). Is what makes us artists the propensity, conscious or not, to bend citations? to press the issues?

do we “do artist” as we “do gender”?

can gender study methodologies and linguistic methods be used to study doing artist?

i love the phrase “slowly bending citations.”

thank you again judith butler!

And thank you Janine Antoni for your wonderful 1993 performance piece (pictured with this post) Loving Care.


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