artist + writer + perpetual home renovator

mumbling to myself aloud with English butcheries, in public, at times it is embarrassing.

Becoming unsafe

Design has shaped my thinking, developing an analytical approach to image making. Yet, design is safe. It is my easy way out of vulnerability and commitment. Image making takes shape within client parameters. Analysis and creativity is required; ownership is not. Though much of myself...
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The Shadowlands

The angst of modern cultural addictions permeates my existence. The dictates of mediated culture, the dictates of self are so commingled they are indistinguishable—inseparable. Where I begin and end is lost. As society moves further and further away from direct experience and once, twice removed...
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Both my sculpture and writing skim the surface of the construct of the self, and it leaves me wanting. In that wanting, I realize a loss, an absence. I present the self as an isolated, autonomous, masterful object, when in fact it is the self...
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Goods control

I allow myself to be DIVERTEDvia consumptive patternswhich in turn neutralizes meas a factor in self and social changeI AM IMPOTENTwith an increasing senseof my own powerlessnessmy attitude of ENTITLEMENTbecomes all the more overwhelmingconsequently leading me backto the acquisition ofadditional consumer GOODswhere I can exert...
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My process

I trust the process—research, collective critical analysis, emergent forms from visceral object making, alternate views that manifest themselves via found objects, questioning my assumptions about the nature of things, and daily writing. In silence, I disentangle coagulated knowledge and experience.In silence, I bite my tongue,...
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Silence is space. In fullness, silence seizes emptiness. In absence, silence seizes presence. Sense and nonsense merge. The temporal dissociates. The knotted unknots. The cluttered, clotted mass of knowledge and experience unravels. Memory is reanimated and edited. Seeing becomes hearing and hearing seeing. Silence disrupts...
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