The Grey Area :: Exhibition opening Thursday (6-8) and Friday (6-9), Feb 4 and 5, 2010

Join me for my opening with Devon Moore

the Grey Area
February 4 (6-8 pm) & 5 (6-9 pm)
On view through February 21, 2010
UTSA Satellite Space
115 Blue Star, San Antonio, TX 78204

the grey area :: betrayal is not so far away. remnant tubes, baling wire, rebar, 7′ h x 15′ w x 4′ d (suspended at top of ~14 high wall), 2010.

The Grey Area :: Curatorial Statement by Tommy Gregory

The Grey Area features new works by Devon Moore and Kathy Kelley, two artists whose concepts and materials differ yet complement one another beautifully.  Moore transforms sheet metal into gorgeous and mesmerizing images that vaguely reference landscape. His painstaking process and impeccable presentation provoke an almost meditative feeling of serenity and reflection. In great aesthetic contrast are Kelley’s raw and grotesque manipulations, which alter the viewer’s predetermined definition of beauty. The artist creates graceful and whimsical compositions using discarded rubber and tubes. This exhibition is a great example of contrasting styles and their transformative value within the gallery space. The Grey Area challenges the traditional boundaries of sculpture and painting, creating an almost achromatic experience that takes over the environment.
I am extremely proud to be a part of this exhibition. Having first experienced the work of these artists in Houston as an undergraduate, I have been fortunate to witness their evolution and growth both conceptually and formally. Both individuals are exemplary artists, maintaining full time jobs, and lives, while making the time to create and install thought provoking work that should change, if even in the slightest bit, the way we look at the world we temporarily occupy.

This show is badass.

Tommy Gregory

The UTSA Satellite Space is the off-campus gallery of the UTSA Department of Art and Art History. Throughout the year, exhibitions are devoted to works by UTSA graduate students as well as nationally recognized professional artists. Since its first exhibition in 1993, the Satellite Space has become one of San Antonio’s most respected venues for challenging contemporary art.

the grey area :: without your forgiveness I am still bound to what happened between us. Only you can set me free. remnant tubes, baling wire, rebar, steel frame, 6′ x 10′ x 4′ (suspended at top of ~14 high wall), 2010.

Gallery hours are 6-8 p.m., Thursday-Saturday; noon-6 p.m., Sunday; or by appointment. For more information or an appointment, contact Diana Roberts, gallery coordinator, at 210-212-7146 or the UTSA Department of Art and Art History at 210-458-4391.


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