One new bed from start to finish (well almost)

They take much longer to make than I expect though I am getting much faster. Tomorrow I will plant this bed with more sugar snap peas (I hope I like them) and either more arugula or some butter leAf. I think.

My goal over the next two months is to line the back of the courtyard as well with planter boxes. So one or two more runs to harvest abused and to be reused (free) rough cut oak, soil and then prep my planters for spring veggies. I hope I can eat all this healthy stuff.

I have peaked the neighbors curiosity with these planters and my gardening endeavors even more than the tube art. Or perhaps a veggies mAke sense to them were as my art does not. Anyway they’ve been stopping by to ask what I am planting. My first visiting neighbor was a woman named Rosa. I liked that I was working the garden soil when my first rose arrived. Perhaps at some point I will off load the bulk of my tires and build a community garden. I like the neighborhood with its tejano music filling the night air. I do need to learn Spanish, the neighbors kind of look at me like I am ignorant. Of course relative to speaking or understanding Spanish this is true.

The rain has just begun. I love the smell as the temperature drops and my hair is lightly tossed by the gusting breezes in the forefront of the showers.


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