Give me a compound sliding miter or table saw and I'll figure it out…

But what the heck am I suppose to do with a burner? So I bought this one pan cookbook. Ha. One pan multiple cutting boards, knives, a sink and what the heck is allspice which I did not have. Ah. Google — so I throw in some ground clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg and waaaam = allspice. Naturally I didn’t measure–I sew tire tubes with baling wire…who measures!? Well it tastes great so far but what the heck give me back my table saw or find me a good wife to take care of the woman’s work. Ha. Don’t tell any one I said that especially since I presented and discussed first generation feminist art and we watch the womanshouse video today with my first year art students. Highlights personally for me were faith wilding’s piece on waiting…I tear up everytime I’ve watched it and there is a performance piece I’ll call push that is conceptually, visually and auditorally just beautiful. And of course I love the kitchen installation.

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