Modular Madness research

Modular madness materials to collect and research to do before Wednesday.

Bring 100 objects (found or cheap…no craft crap…ie beads)

Bigger objects = 100 (ie cups…5” or larger) of ’em
Smaller objects = 1000 (fingernail clippings, hair, tea bags, toothpicks, seeds, etc)
The smaller the object the more you have to bring.

Research objects

  1. History of object and material
  2. Purpose of object
  3. Dictionary/Thesaurus rabbit trail of object and purpose
  4. Symbolic/Metaphor/Lore/Urban legion
  5. Object or word usage — Poems, Literature, Song lyrics, Brand names, etc

Research multiple binding agents…bring different options…glue, joint, wire/thread, ???

Morgue blog

Post picture of selected material to blog
Post research data to blog
Bring research notes in morgue


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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    do they have to be exactly the same or can they just be the same thing (for example, 100 hats or bumper stickers)?