the remnant techno nerd darkside of me kicks in…

as i sit here typing on my wireless keyboard with my wireless track-pad and my laptop a good distance away hooked to my tv as i sit all comfy on my futon, click clicking away! this is residual techno nerd still seeping into my life a little from my design days. oh this is a totally shallow form of awesomeness!

most technobila has been finally trashed…ie my SCSI internal hard drives, jazz and zip drives harvested from my old workstations, as well as so long to my SCSI scanners and my wonderful 1992 laser printer and a few dot matrix machines. on a rare occasion i miss my 1988 mac se with its amazing 20 mg hard drive and photoshop 4 with its limit of 100 layers, or not. that mac cost me 1/2 of my annual take home salary that year. well one must take into account that i did work in Louisiana at the time. i suppose i should keep up with my software and minimal programing skills but oh heck, when and why when it’s now all so dummy proof (well except when it’s not)??

meaningless shallow end of the pool techno ramblings.


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