of course not!
(the inner dialog of a goober talking
to herself while working)

i simply wouldn’t do that–make picture frames! that is like functional. OK maybe not, frames are designed to hold art. art is not functional except maybe as eye candy or an occasional brain candy, some kind of palette pleasure or interest. and let’s face it, candy isn’t functional. hey wait! i make art. well this girl wouldn’t put it in a frame that is for sure–that’s sissy art. i make non-sissified art and naturally it is not functional. but who ever said i was functional. i certainly didn’t! because…

…i plan to build these like the two images above and attach and sew tire tubes to. silly.

obviously since i spent the morning sleeving rebar frames with tubes we know i am not made of ticky tacky!

well and i need a lot more for an installation in the Texas Biennial coming up (opening April 15/16) in Austin, (opening April ~30) Houston, and (opening?? ) in San Antonio! they are just hung without care here; but when they fill their slated room they will be terrifyingly beautiful (in a gnarly way).
hmmmm. my arms are jello-y from a bit of tool time and tubular lifting. i am out of shape. don’t forget this is the inner dialog of a goober while she working (secretly taking a break due to the jello effect). oh wait, i was probably obvious and i am talking like someone fell off a turnip truck. i haven’t ever seen a turnip truck and am currently avoiding looking or thinking about japan’s tragedy and death count (plenty of time coming for that for a longtime to come i think…we’ll each get our chance to help in someway, if we want. today is not my day for helping the people of japan…today is the time for experts)

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