Uncomfortable video project parameters

3D Project 3.2 Uncomfortable Video [4D]

  1. Theme: Uncomfortable
  2. Sixty second [or less] video

-editing via computer
-exceed 60 seconds

-cuts (turn camera off; make necessary changes; restart camera. no digital editing)
-language but it should only play a support role (keep it to a minimum)
-shoot, review, refine, reshoot; again and again
-dependent on content set youtube settings to UNLISTED; after we have reviewed piece you may choose to set it to private.


  1. Youtube upload and link emailed to kk no later than Sunday, March 6, 4 pm
  2. Create link on blog to video (or if private); create post Uncomfortable Video that indicates private content sent to KK via email
  3. Burn to CD or DVD
  4. Turn in CD/DVD at 9:30 am Monday morning to TAs
  5. CRIT MONDAY. Don’t miss.

Grading criteria

  1. Degree to which audience is made uncomfortable
  2. Visual content (background, framing of shot, lighting, body language)
  3. Audio content (sound quality, ambient noise, voice usage)
  4. Narrative (storyline, script, theme)
  5. Work within parameters (if parameters bypassed; does the work significantly justify the bypass)

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