didn't expect this in my eastend backyard

discovered it when i decided this morning i just had to go walk even if it was urban walking and not drive to a park! michael showed me something like this but required a short drive to get to it. this is an extension of what michael found but walking access within a couple of blocks from the box. finally finally discovered some green space. amen for that. i’ve been missing walking terribly. thank goodness for tree hugger and bayou green space development promoters!

i have really needed this and all the things i can stumble upon–bird sounds (no dove that i noted), birds standing utterly still, silently in the water balanced atop their spindle like legs, a 3 foot snake slithering across the surface (yuk!), a baby turtle the size of dog pooh on the sidewalk (almost didn’t even look as i navigated the possible sidewalk landmine–then somehow it seemed different so i looked–unfortunately it was a desiccated dead baby turtle–i can’t recall the last time i saw a baby turtle)

the smell of honey suckle was drifting across the air, black berries amidst the poison ivy(?), only downside is the hum of i-45 in the background. and then running through my head is how can i have had poison ivy pointed out to me so many times and still be unsure if i am looking at an ivy or the poison kind. needless to say after one 5th grade experience with the wrong kind as toilet paper, i just avoid any risk.

still trying to learn how to play and not experience shame for play based expenditures. not there yet. but did scope out kayak rentals yesterday afternoon through rec program for dirt cheap. need to test difference between sit in vs sit on top. want to be able to paddle locally up bayous and then back. want one for summer to
use daily between bayous and on big ventures stuff on bay side in Galveston. didn’t get to it last summer cause I was away.


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