hmmm. have to contemplate this one

“When we undervalue ourselves, we literally bury ourselves in lives not our own.” — Julia Cameron

so to value oneself leaves room to discover and live a life that is ours. and if we live out of our own life does not that really make room for others in it, to come along side.

what does it mean to live a life that is ours?

don’t think this is a selfish idea. often selflessness is not selfless at all but driven by old unhealthy coping mechanisms and actually becomes a way to distance oneself from having the life we were actually given.

so now I dream about and think about what actually is my life, what do I value, and accepting the ways in which I am valuable.

I value
the thrill of being lazy under a canopy of trees
the scent of pine and cedar drifting across the breeze
the gust rippling graciously the flavor of yet to come rain
the lush meadow of knee high grasses with their undulating waves
the sounds of the wind, the creak of an old wooden house, the song of an unnamed bird, rain splattering rhythmically cross a tin roof,
the gravel lane crunching under foot
the trickle of sweat matting my hairline
the exhaustion of a hard days work
the moon casting itself across the late night glade
the turn off the boat with the twist of the blade

not done with my list


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