will miss the water fowl, hidden greenspace, and such from the eastend hood, but probably not the continuous 24-7 rumble of I45

drove by the property the other day and meandered about a bit. I saw there was a four wheeler alongside the dirt road, as I drove up this young woman’s head popped up guilty-like from within the culvert’s thick grasses. with a sheepish smile, she held a bloody knife in one hand and a deer’s haunches pulled up in the other. a whole new meaning to fresh road kill. guess she bumped it earlier in the day and decided not to waste it. what was really entertaining is she had that affluent look (with nice four wheel) westend look of my old hood.

as the bird flies, moments, merely a mile from pine needle floored national forest; worth the guilty grin of deer harvesting human along the rumbly ride sans the mumble of the byways.


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