when the world slides sidewaysthis is safe fodder for my frustration

OMG! RANT to follow. Don’t be confused this is a judgmental rant.

periodically i google book authors i might like to read and skim through a preview of their book. today i stumbled on this and got kind of hung on it. maybe this author has something worthwhile to say but he just kind of rendered himself spiritually impotent by his faulty logic or at least what I consider faulty logic.

in defensive driving, they say when we drive the same route habitually, we stop seeing what is really there and we don’t see what is actually there. this is often how people on bicycles and motorcycles get killed. how many times have i driven my regular route and realized, dang i don’t remember the last ten minutes. did i stop at the light? was it red or green? and i wasn’t even on my cell phone. yet i was on the right path. or what about the times i’ve intended to go somewhere else, to make a turn that isn’t my usual route but still needed, only to suddenly find myself back home because i did what i always do even though i was suppose to be somewhere else at that moment. or when i pick up the phone still to buzz and say i am running late…oops. don’t do that (bad example).

does not appearing to follow the same path i am on really mean that the other is not seeking god? perhaps they are just ahead of me or a smidgen behind. i definitely can be on the same road as another and not see them. sometimes i have waited for them by temporarily stopping or slowing. sometimes i have to catch up. other times i simply miss them. or on some days, i simply don’t note my fellow travelers. i get the gist of what this guy is saying, but dang to come to the conclusion that someone is not seeking god because i don’t happen to notice them on the road. the main text may say it is a narrow path/road but it certainly doesn’t say it’s so short i should be able to see everyone on it. the pattern i see in the main text, is christ swerving and stopping for those the religious say not to on a regular basis. during that error (ha)/ era it really pissed of the people of the church/synagogue. then again perhaps it is not the other not on the path…

I am off kilter today and this stuff is just a really safe target for my frustration. i try not to get mad at specific people (my bad), so i am going to let this one go as a totally sideways vent. i had left it in draft format for several weeks, but today, just want to let something fly.

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3 Responses

  1. I agree, who is the author? There are inumerable reasons you may have to look for someone on Christ's narrow road. It may have only to do with their level of maturity in Christ.

    One has to be causious at anytime of claiming a person is not on the road to Christ, but in general it should be obvious, at least to other Christians.