what is just is for the day

> I write
> but am not language based.
> I pray
> but not through cognition or
> structures of word combinations.
> I make
> but not from initial ideations.
> I speak
> but it only skirts the understandings
> and unknowings of my soul.
> I make rational
> but not in complete unlackings.
> I intend with my will
> but my heart is what moves.
> forgiveness speaks
> in the swell of my heart
> grief cries
> in the tightness of my throat
> joy is known
> in the rising scents of content
> mercy is felt
> in the softening of my chest
> fear is heard
> in the clench of my back
> anger yells
> in the grind of my jaw
> knowledge is tasted
> in the movement of my hands
> love sings wordlessly
> in fleetings of my memory
> my mind just learning
> a glancing of
> the listening
> the smelling
> the hearing
> the tasting
> the touching
> and balancing
> with their vastness
> of my unknownings
> the discernment of the voicelessness of my being, of my form


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