last piece
i think i am ready for
the edge of my unreadiness

Opening reception Friday, Sept 2, 6-9 pm, Darke Gallery
320B Detering, Houston 77007 (valet parking available)

(also tonight is last Thursday night as open studio 4-7, meaning it may still be a little messy)

smallest piece ever and last one for show opening on Friday.

there is still wall space, haven’t totally overwhelmed space as is my habit, but…

if i had more time, i would.

now it is time to title works. if you know me, then you know it will be a bit cumbersome, but no, it isn’t in me to name them untitled #47. though meaning/title of work may not be self evident in work, it is what emerged in my soul during the making. when the title exists first, it is usually a separate entity and at some point the words and making just kind of become one internally.

smallest piece ever [26″ tall x 22″ wide x 12″ deep] which wont pull walls down with its weight, and last one for show opening on Friday. would it be wrong of me if this should have highest price, since even though people want my other works my typical scale is a limiting factor in having?

like with this piece in the show…


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