hmmm. grilled first time since I bought my hermitage with microforest and mini meadow

finally the other day i noticed while passing through the national forest that blinking blink sign which indicates no camp fires and for the last five months also no cook stoves, has at last changed to allow for cook stoves. YAY! this blinky blink is what I've paid attention to to determine when to pull the trigger and set my gas grill to a flaming safely. YAY! perhaps this will kick start something faster than geologic change on the renovation front. am moving really slow on renovation cause of school stuff, studio down sizing, fretting, and then worrying about how much funds to drop into the hermitage interior face lift for various reasons. is it a wise decision to renovate in terms of my own aesthetic or more conservative in terms of resale. crap, I don't like to feel the need to think about it that way. I had so hoped this would be the place where I could unfold. perhaps it will be. if not I just need to be prepared for that as well. am learning to hold loosely, don't become to attached, be open to change, life and people are never what I expect. in theory this keeps life interesting; in practice it makes me a little exhausted and distracts me from the unfolding. I turn around and I am all closed up again and can't see beyond the stupid constructed knots. the house still lies empty with exception of bed, kitchen supplies, lawn furniture and some chairs. does one really need much else? a work table, bookshelves, etc would be helpful I think.


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