ideations of pounding my ankle bones. ouchy. and OMG they're turning 30!

enjoyed that. saw a family this afternoon, all whom I hold dear and most I haven’t seen in sometime. I suppose since I am lean with a bit of muscle, people assume I am still athletic (wrong). because of the leanness, Larry asked me if I was still playing ball. ha. just ideations of pounding my ankle bones up and down the full court, let alone the landing after a jump shot, HURTS ME. so I just laughed. ..the last time I played full court was with him. it was fun to hear him recall the first time i came out and asked if I could play in the pick up games. I was a middle age woman (the younger side of middle age. dang almost 20 years ago), so they kind of weren’t interested since they were “really” playing ball. being gentlemen though, they obliged me. a girl actually doesn’t really need to play that well, just hold her own, be a little rough with them, and pop a few jump shots from outside, to leave her new middle aged (the slightly higher side) male teammates a bit taken (in a fun platonic non-weird way). jit caught my s. units eye as well almost 30 years ago, according to his story, he went straight out and bought leather high tops. the stories have long since been edited, rewritten, and truncated. so today I preferred Larry’s. it was far more kind and gentle. I liked that he remembered, it was a fun recall and in a good way his story temporarily re-tethered me and I felt connected to my own life for those and a few residual moments.

Katie, Katherine, and Amy [and the rest scattered across the us]

I’ve always found it interesting the natural bond or affinity we instantly have for some people. these bonds tend to last even if a decade of contact is skipped. i tend to trust these intuitive life tethers. I’ve always had this affinity for the Whaley family as well as with most my s.g. girls (now women). I am never sure how to cultivate these relationships, I only know they exist.

I’ve loved and love others and they have and are significant. the first two I recall having this natural affinity with were/are Laura Leigh Williams (4th grade) and Annetta Jayne Harvell (10th grade).


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