lights. check.

add bathroom exhaust vent, close ceiling, then on to the floor. I think. I am kind of growing accustom to the paint splattered, plywood subfloor. it’s a statement. unfortunately I alone have grown partial to this particular statement. I’ve got three good sized collaborative artworks i need and am looking forward to getting done over christmas break, hopefully the school holiday will also afford me renovation time as well. mmmm. the wind has just picked up its howling. I really love the woods and my hermitage. ok well try to rake with typical suburban methods is not cutting it. I’ve got a used riding mower coming my way I think (almost purely a gift) and the hermitage came with a little pull behind leaf sweeper. ha. I tried pulling it by hand yesterday. such an urban girl!!! I won’t try that again. but I am making some forward movement on the hermitage. I sold a work last week (oh thank you thank you oh patron one) and its just the right amount for a reading chaise I’ve been eyeing. back to Houston in the am to meet with some amazing young women, re-peak and measure chaise then a quick return for school stuff.


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