sheesh I am getting high.

killing brain cells quickly. first round staining done. next sand (outdoors). stain again. perhaps more sanding. from there on to several coats of polyeurothane. dang and that’ not my floor. I just freaking need a desktop upon which to work. my real lap of laptopping really doesn’t work as a good long term study plan. i am still a bit old school and like to scatter books about and turn real pages (except when also driving), fold pages, write comments in every possible margin. I cannot do that all from my organic lap top. so my 6 foot beautiful drafting table I inherited/harvested from a friend’s granddaddy’s storage (a ship designer/builder…like real ships not leisure toys) seriously needs a new top. I started that this afternoon and pee-uuu brain death by staining indoors. I’ve opened the windows but nasal and brain relief is minimal. dang and I loaned out my real fans to my WASHers. ok well I also did the easy task of cutting Sheetrock today as well. I contemplated electrical in bathroom. guess previous code didn’t require electrical boxes as the wires just come through hole in Sheetrock. I’ll check in with my supervisor (dad) tomorrow to see if I can do same or really should put the junk in a box. can already hear him…BOX. well plus I need to daisy chain some additional light fixtures to work off same switch. BOX. naturally I could not just buy a regular over the counter bathroom light bar for above the mirror! dang. but since I’ve built crazy galvanized light fixtures in living areas and my bed and future furniture are partially built from galvanized plumbing pipe (I harvested=free. same system I used for chandelier system), it seems fitting that bathroom light fixtures should feel similar. so I finally found some outdoor fixture that seem cool to me and in step with nutty other stuff I am doing. oh yes and ordered (not made or harvested) a galvanized ceiling fan for living room. all this to say it is good thing my dad has multiple degrees from MIT(side though: statement elementary school equivalent “my dad can beat up your dad!”)cause I sure don’t really understand electricity or nuclear powered ocean going vessels. ok. well I won’t seek nuclear advise, or computer programming advice…just safe electricalling so I don't burn my house down. tomorrow is fatherly electrical supervision day. YES YES and chain saw lessons. and I do want lessons as once when I was getting my finger sewed up from a mere exacto finger filet wound (common to graphic designers) there were two guys in emergency room at same time and both had bounced their chain saws off their tibialis anterior (shin bone). OUCHY. ramble ramble.
nov 2011. a line but not even a bump of a scar. grose. they made me massage wound. yuk but that kept scar tissue from forming internal so that I could maintain full finger flicking range of motion!dec 2002 (or was it 3). I would say ouchy cause it was just to yuk, but in fact it actually didn’t hurt except when the OT would squeeze it. then my lip would sweat and I had to restrain myself from reaching across the table to sock her
I am blaming this rambling post on staining fumes and brain cell death!!


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