waiting on the landfill fairy

between my crap, BOXer and installing artists' remains, tis a lot of refuse to be hauled off. so today some sit and wait for Santa, others wait to see the consumer index, some for baby Jesus, and I await the landfill fairy for hire crew. oh how I hope they show up! at least my waste stream isn't generated directly by me since I temporarily divert your waste stream into art and this is simply the leftovers. so I am trying not to feel so badly about this waste. though the landfill fairies have assured me that the three loads are needed because rubber and wood go to recycling thus less to the ten active mountains of landfills that feed off Houston. the upper pile is headed to the pulping place, the other to all things rubber!

getting nervous as to that my fairies have not arrived and I am on tight schedule. oh well for planning.


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