the hermitage deer pod mostly ignore me

since neither am i scary nor a threat, they merely tilt their heads and flick an ear at my presence and then simply continue at their task. when they gather in extended groups, just one can lead them all in sudden flight, asses held high, tails taunt, at my mere head turn. they are much like people I’ve known. my extended deer pod flees the visible, but we, we flee the invisible. it is not the person I see people flee but instead the anger that stirs our own distorted sense of justice, fear that dwells in lost memories dancing at the hidden corners of our being, futures unvisioned–undreamed, pasts unresolved pushing into our tomorrows, and incomplete knowledge, non-understanding guiding blindly our unseeing binary tunneled paths. I see people flee closing up, withholding, their compassion, friendship and mercy. we flee the invisible. zealot or not, fleeing each in our own habitual way.


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