stroll my hood

after a day of laughter. today was the beginning of mark making were I guide my students in breaking their writing habit. after 18 to 29 years of training the hand to hold a pencil, it is difficult to explore other mark making options because choking up on our pencils is so engrained. so I have them explore using their bodies for mark making with exercises that bust up the writing habit. we ended the day with students’ arms wrapped around their large sketch pads waist and their other stroking it’s back with a pencil, ending finally playing their pad like a musical instrument. needless to say I had 43 souls literal waltzing around the studio with silly grins of joy on their faces. got to love my job.

today was my first day to stroll my hood for any decent length of time cause grading and more grading has kept me into the night.

late afternoon I was trimming back the secret pathways along that invisible line between mine and theirs, a supposed property line on file at the courthouse. hidden away in the woods, flushed out a huge owl from one of my ancient hollowed out oaks. I didn’t however see piglet or rue. earlier today i discovered some baby hawklings through their chatter and the sudden winged glide of the parental unit.


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