I am not going to think about it.
I am not going to think about it
I am not going to think about it
I am not going to think about it

the fog is burned off
fields green
sky is bluing up
cattle are nuzzling
and I am returning to home depot
because I left with what the guy handed me, a female compression joint
pulled in drive not even debelted
knew I had to travel 30 more for
the male compression fitting
oh undisclosed cursing and tears
stop thinking about it
focus on pretty drive

oh yes and i dropped my iphone in the toilet
perk – it was prior to use
oh yes and i drilled my finger with a phillips head drill bit
perk – i don’t own a gun

oh yes and i hopped on my monogeared, fat tired sissy bike and road long and hard through the hills like a ten year old on the first day of summer with the wind in my hair and a helmet left behind because i figured what the heck!! and i couldn’t check my stupid smart phone post midday toilet drop; it was the best afternoon ever.

oh yes…i got the compression fitting on and it’s true, I HAVE A FUNCTIONING WATER HEATER
perk – i wont stink tomorrow!


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