OMGosh. 3,250 pounds of rubber unloaded

that is 5 pallets; 2 left on the trailer, but the stack shoulder height is about as high as I can lift each bundle, thus time for second stack. ummm…my “dealer” has 4 to 5 more trailer loads for me to pick up. ummm perhaps the “ask and you shall receive” may be like drinking from a fire hydrant. guess I should have also asked for winning lotto ticket and a couple of other intangible kinds of things! the sheets of rubber are larger than my last batch and though assorted sizes they tend to be ~10 x 10 feet and larger. I will need to start envisioning new directions. the last batch came in rolls about 3′ x 10-18′ which lends itself for other ideas. this should keep me busy for a month. bahahaaaa. ok we’ll realistically a year or three!



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