test run for upcoming exhibition

 image-755799a test run for a sense of scale of chair to space (11′) at art league houston (opening January 18, 2013). yay, it visually fits with the slick gray floor providing a fabulous contrast. bonus, i can see how the lighting will extend the work visually. i previously measured, measurements are important to get the work through the door but don’t really give me a feel for how the work occupies the space. over the next couple of weeks, i will explode apart a table constructed from doors. for the first time every (besides the magnificent Dean Liscum, the art slave, writer and real job holder, and the wonderous Michael Henderson, who probably helped me load or unload almost every show I’ve had), i will be using studio assistants to complete my work. i have mixed feelings about this because i love to make the work, get dirty and sense my way along. i simply can’t do all that i imagine in the time frame i have and the various other academic tasks i have laid out before me for my christmas “break.” i suppose i wouldn’t have it any other way. but there are definitely times i wish i were a painter and cashed in the winning lotto (not really). i am looking forward to my studio assistants’ help and company (some of my past students). it will be a first for me.it is interesting working on a show that i proposed so long ago (2009). i can see by reviewing my original proposal how i thought healing would come much quicker than reality and faster than statistics indicated (4-5:1 ratio…like statistically clockwork I am coming out of the other side. not sure how i feel about being statistically predictable). the show, as originally and still titled, the uncontrollable nature of grief and forgiveness (or lack there of), was intended to uncover the full grief process, moving from dark to light. instead the show, in its current form, will simply bare witness to the unbearable weightiness of grief and the burden of unforgiveness.

on a separate note, a fun surprise was throwing the chair into the space with the current artists’ work in place prepared for tonights opening. it gave me ideas for future derivatives inspired by chalkboard like structures, dryer ducting. just good eye candy that allows me to think differently about how i normally work. mmm. nice.



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