ha. a side effect of the first four weeks of my E-experience

I have started reading books I hadn’t consider. it has simply come about as I have seen various texts mentioned on this or that profile, or repeatedly mentioned across several. I’ve found each one highly timely and useful in their own way. Some I am reading for the first time, others reskimming, a couple business one’s only google book skimmed of the available previews, and some are just downloaded and hovering in my digital library ready to be read. I like this e-byproduct and think if I can manage it with my shifting teaching preps, and my spring venture with a writing workshop, I will try to keep up this impromptu reading plan. in reality, the two most helpful of the set would have to be the dysfunctions of a team (professionally applicable) and those authored by the brain father of e-harmony (personally applicable), perhaps even life altering. not that the material is truly new but it was framed in such away as, “oh that is soooo dead on. I really have to embrace this stuff in actual lived experience…” And I am.

and perhaps all this reading and skimming in the four weeks indicates that I should have listed reading or skimming on my profile. ha. I did not.

other side effects have begun in the arenas of refinement of my internal picker (for friends + mate), exercising of boundaries mostly at a digital level to date, delight, and hopefulness. it has also got me analyzing my life philosophies and seeing where my lived experience and my heart haven’t been quite synched up of late (admittedly I have definitely been in an transitional phase–but i have allowed my j-o-b to overshadow everything through fear of base things like food, shelter, aging, etc. i understand this phase to probably be highly normal. that’s my story and I am sticking to it). there has been some digital blocks and red flags in this e-experience, I accept it as good because incompatible is incompatible no matter whose side it comes from. even incompatible in one key area could be problematic in terms of the long term. I’ve really embraced, or would like to believe i have, that incompatible does not negate wonderful on either’s part, it simply means not a great match for a mate. I am learning a ton and find this process highly interesting and enjoyable and life giving. the reading is good, as has been the real world results. I’ve no complaints. I’ve been treated only with interest and great kindness — frankly, this has just been good for my soul.


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