Silence or nothing more than a vibrating string robbed of self

Ha. I normally work in silence. In rare moments I will turn on a tune and let it run through me. In these irregular passages, if it strikes my system just so, either brushing away, smoothing over, mental clutter so that my thoughts flow more fluidly coherent or I slip away into the sounds imagings of elsewhere, there is a pleasure of sorts. But most the time, mechanical or voiced music, buzzes like an incessant gnat disrupting my mental musings. I laughed today as I tripped over Vladimir Jankelevitch’s textually voiced thought:

“Music acts in human beings, on their nervous systems and their vital processes…The man inhabited and possessed by this intruder, the man robbed of self, is no longer himself; he has become nothing more than a vibrating string, a sounding pipe.”
Is not cinema (TV) not almost the same?

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