2D Mark Making HW part I (2/21)

Monday 2/21 Homework due Monday 2/28

  1. Mark making (use simple repetitive gesture). Each drawing should be on its own sheet of paper.
  1. draw 100 parallel lines with your eyes closed 
  2. attack the page with a mark making tool (pencil, conte, charcoal, ink, etc–choose one)
  3. draw 200 lines. 100 with each hand at the same time 
  4. crumple paper and smooth, then draw lines (4 minutes)
  5. fold paper and smooth, then draw lines (4 minutes)
  6. tape your page down, write your name 100 times with your eyes closed 
  7. tape your page down, write a thought over and over until the page is full (~10 minutes?)
  • bring drawings to class on Wednesday
  • photograph each carefully (no arm or camera shadow). Experiment with cropping and/or zooming. Post 5 most interesting photos before Friday.
  • Wednesday 2/23 HW tba (check back with blog)


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