Supplies to bring for 2D Wednesday


  1. Pencil, smudgy charcoal, ink
  2. Eraser(s)
  3. Rag
  4. White paint of any kind you have
  5. Perhaps white out tools
  6. Perhaps 1 dang art tool like a cheap brush
  7. A variety of surfaces to work on (paper, cardboard, newspaper, etc)
    Also consider any surface that might relate to your story. One can work on the side (inside or outside) of a suitcase, a trash can, a tire, a door, a window, a boat, fence planks, etc. Any surface which can have white paint applied to it to function as the ground and then can have ink, pencil, or charcoal applied to it. You may have to harvest surfaces to bring Monday if they are not accessible today.

        Mark making by Katy

    Reread your story and see if their is a natural surface that would make sense from your story that might function as the surface to draw on. Paper may be best choice. I simply want you to think outside the box and see what comes to mind.

  8. A printed copy of your original story and revision or rewrite. (Bring from now on)

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