a drizzle plus one good branch dropping thunderstorm and the frequency of my Bambis visible presence

in my microforest and mini meadow expands temporally. they do tend to ignore me with the exception of the young male snorter. they even lay in, relative to drought crunchies, my lush mini meadow a mere 40 feet from where I perch on the hermitage's porch rail, late afternoon. another load hauled hither from my BOX that brought no rain, but I was hopeful with the Houston low hung sky early morn. mostly books which to my discovery, outside of tools, are my main possession…well and tubes. I never noticed before. I do have slews of pictures but at this point they no longer hold meaning that should continue to be pondered; so those are stored I suppose til I have the gumption to toss twenty five years of history and memories.

the hawk glides and watches.


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